Sunday, October 24, 2010

Compelled by the love of Christ

Last Wednesday was our very first night of Compelled- our new church plant.  It was wonderful!  Many of you were praying for our kick-off, and we could feel your prayers!  It did not go off without a lot of spiritual warfare, I will tell you that!  Many of our band members were sick, having bad dreams, having guitar strings break constantly, missing practice for one reason or another.  There were sudden meetings that sprang up that were not supposed to happen.  The copier broke and we literally laid hands in it in the name of Jesus so we could make enough music for all 13 people in the worship band!  (It worked, by the way!)  On Wednesday afternoon out of the blue I suddenly had a piercing headache like never before.  It went from my neck into my head and I almost blacked out.  Everything was tight and I thought I was having a stroke.  Shawn prayed for me and the intense pain went away.  As the night wore on I felt 100% better, but it was scary!  There has been nothing since, and even as it was happening I felt strongly that it was spiritual.
In one way this was an encouraging thing for all of us involved...the enemy was not letting us off easy, so there must be something good that was going to happen.  And it was a wonderful night!  A bunch of people came, the atmosphere was one on worship, and there was a lot of laughing and getting to know each other afterwards - and not one broken guitar string! :)
Please be in prayer as we continue this.  The "kick off" was not really event so much as a beginning of what we hope becomes a church that really impacts this community for Christ.  There seems be positive feedback, and I have heard that people are inviting people this week (apparently last week they were checking us out to see if it was worth inviting people too - I can't really blame them!)  But as was so evident last week, this is not about good music, yummy food, and fun - this a real battle because ultimately it is about leading people to the one true God and the free gift he has for them.

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