Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From World Harvest Mission

Hi everyone,
We received this prayer request this morning from World Harvest Mission (whm.org) and want to pass it on to you because it echos our hearts:

"I need you to pray for the country of Sudan. The people of Southern Sudan will be voting about whether or not to formally secede from the North on January 9, 2011. Tensions are running high, and there are many questions: will the vote take place on time, and will it be free and fair? Will both sides honor the outcome?

We have ten missionaries and many Sudanese partners doing incredible work. Together, they are building water wells, strengthening the education system, and sharing the Gospel with hundreds of people.

Please pray that these elections are peaceful and that our team will be able to continue its work in the country."

This is serious warfare, people!  I will be continuing to ask you to keep it in the front of your prayers as we get closer to the January 9th date!  Thanks!

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