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Before we have our Compelled kick off on Wednesday, I decided I better get all my thoughts about Africa wrapped up!  (Well, not ALL my thoughts, but the ones I am sharing right now! )  ;)
We took our last MAF flight into Bundibugyo along with Robert and Chrissy.  It was amazing scenery - one moment you felt as if you could touch the mountains, then suddenly they dropped out from under us and we looked down into the valley at the beautiful green landing strip!  Did I mention that our plane this time was not a 10 passenger, but a 6 passenger?  It was a little crazy - and loud - but Samuel did a great job navigating it and getting us there safely!
When we stepped out there were hugs all around from the team!  It was a wonderful welcome, and we quickly got in the trucks and drove back to the mission.   From that time on we were pretty busy!  We visited the marketplace on Saturday with Anna and ate some yummy samosas; we went to the health center and watched as Travis did a few ultrasounds; I prayed for a young girl (and I mean young) who was experiencing a possible miscarriage; we saw a baby - the one survivor of twins- that was born prematurely and at 1 month weighed only 1.7 kgs; we watched as this baby's mom looked on in happy surprise as she was taught how to express milk from her breast and it squirted Travis; We went to Christ School - an amazing secondary school that WHM started and has been improving the chances of kids from this area getting an education that was worthwhile; we played games and laughed til we cried with Travis and Amy (We have already brought that one back to church!); we went with John to see the cocoa plants being harvest and sampled one bean fresh from the pod; we toured the rest of the farms and saw the goats and palm oil; we gazed in awe at the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda and the range that was beyond us in the DRC just a few kilometers away; we went swimming in an icy cold waterfall coming from these breath-taking mountains; we found a rhinoceros beetle that I was glad was NOT alive; I very carefully entered the bathroom in the Myhres house expecting to see beady little rat's eyes each time (but was pleasantly surprised to never see them!); Shawn rode a boda boda (motorcycle) through the forest to a rural church that he was preaching at; we ate and ate and ate (I LOVE g-nut sauce and rice! mmmm) 
Bundibugyo was a fun time to see places and do things that we had not experienced before.  As we got to know the Clarks, the Johnsons, Pat, Anna, and new arrival Chrissy, we came to love this team that is spread thin but loving their lives in this jungle in Uganda.
In the coming weeks I will update you on things to pray for with both the Uganda and Sudan team, but if you want a better taste, or want to hear from them, please check out the blogs that are posted on my blog!
On the way back to Kampala we decided to drive so we could get a feel for the country and where we really were.  When you fly in and land in under two hours, it is hard to realize how far removed from everything this team really is!  But we drove for 3 hours on crazy dirt roads over the mountains to get to Fort Portal for lunch and where we were meeting David, the wonderful driver for the rest of our time in Uganda.  In Fort Portal (which reminded me very much of Malawi) we bought some gift for the kids, had lunch, then got on the road again.  David told us we would probably not see monkeys since it was mid day and he did not usually see many - but we saw monkeys and baboons for several hours of the trip!  Some came right up to the car when we stopped!  He was amazed, and we told him how much God enjoys giving us even these little gifts!  8 hours after we started we were in the American Recreation House and sleeping soundly in a comfy bed!
The next day we had David take us to see a few cool things - including the "Botanical gardens" near the airport!  It was extremely exciting to see more monkeys - different kinds, and even a black snake!  (David was not impressed with the snake!)  :)
I am thankful for this amazing time and for the chance to get to know these people in both fields that have left the comforts of home to do what God has asked them.  Thanks for all your prayers!


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