Monday, November 1, 2010


As we enter into November, I have decided to do my thankfulness thing again this month (I really should do this more than one month a year!)  I am going to try to write each day about one thing I am thankful for - and I am going to try to make it things that are not obvious!  :)  For example, I could write every day that I am thankful for Shawn and the kiddos, but that would get kind of boring to read!  So I am going to look at things in my life that I usually take for granted and be thankful for those things.
For today:
I am thankful for teacher's manuals - it seems I have been using them a lot recently, and it certainly makes my life as a teacher/mom much easier!  I even found out that when the answer is there, it makes sense and I can actually usually explain the problem!  ;)
I am thankful that I can go to the church and play the keyboard tonight!  I love playing, and I miss my own keyboard at home, but it is a blessing that I can go there anytime and play!  (And I do not have to try to figure out where it would go in this house!)
I am thankful that our car is able to get around town...we still do not know what is wrong, and I would not go far in it, but we are not stuck at home!  Every time we pray over it, it starts working (kinda) again!  ;)
I am thankful for cooler weather and the snow flurries we went through last night.  OK, so this is a stretch for me, but I am CHOOSING to be thankful because my children are so excited about it - and I AM thankful for the smiles and squeals of joy from them!

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