Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 Our car that we bought from my mom!  (Notice the neighbor ALSO has a two-color car!) LOL!

Today I am thankful for the fact that my husband is much more patient that I am!  On Thursday, when the car started smoking under the hood and refused to run I was done with it!  But the next day it started again, and we decided we could risk it to go to Troy Night Out.  It seemed fine as long as we were going under 40 and only a few miles!  But that would get old fast - not to mention impossible since the next few months has some traveling to see family and for World Harvest stuff! 

Shawn took it to the mechanic today, and it turned out to be something simple - a fuel sensor or something.  $300 later we have a car that runs relatively safely.  It is still a 1993 with many miles, a really tight fit for us, and ugly as all get-out-but hey - we are not stuck at home!  
I am also thankful because our church family gave us a gift last Wednesday (the day before the car died) of $300 for pastor appreciation.  No coincidence that it was exactly what we needed to keep the car on the road!  Now we can keep what we have in savings and actually get a decent vehicle (hopefully a van!) when we have the money instead of when we are desperate! 

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