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I love Christmas Cookies!

We do not have a lot of traditions in our family.  I remember growing up, and it seemed like there were things that we all knew were going to happen at certain times - like going to Gram's house on Christmas Eve and having a venison roast, provolone cheese, a big box of chocolates, and mixed nuts (family excluded!)  I think maybe because we have moved so much in our years of having kids, and because it seems that most years we are in the car traveling (does that count as tradition?) we have not done a lot.  But we DO make Gram's sugar cookies each year!  Even when we were in Malawi, we gathered all the pastor's family and baked and decorated.  Of course, half the cookies disappeared before they made it back into the kitchen (and the other half went just as quickly) but I have great memories of watching the pastor's kids licking their fingers of all the "extra" icing and trying not to think too much about it!  It is a wonderful experience each year, even if it…

Honesty Becomes You

Really?  Because if that were true, wouldn't more people like it when you were honest?  This is an area I have struggled with consistently in my life - especially in my ministry time.  As the pastor and his wife, there is always that underlying idea that we should have it together.  Even though people will say that is not true, and they will acknowledge that we are only human, when the pastor starts to have a crisis in his life, the church becomes uncomfortable.  Suddenly the fearless leader is not so fearless or so full of leadership potential. 
I do this same thing to Shawn sometimes.  Obviously in my head I know that he cannot always be the upbeat, charge-ahead leader I so badly want him to be.  Don't get me wrong - he is strong, godly, and I would not trade him in for anyone else! ;)  However, like all of us he has days of insecurity, doubt, confusion, and depression.  And then I start to feel upset with him for being so vulnerable - the same things that the church sometim…