Friday, January 28, 2011

How many seasons do we have?

...Because I seem to have forgotten them.  My mind is in dull winter mode.

Home schooling has it's own set of challenges in the winter in New York!  The excitement of a blanket (and I'm talking a thick down comforter, not a thin little sheet) of snow has worn off, ice-skating is not nearly as fun this year in the consistent below-freezing temps, and I am -quite frankly- sick of the bazillion mittens and scarves all over my house.  Yet to stay inside the house after being in the same house all day for school makes one a little loopy.  (That's my excuse anyway!)
We have done some field trips to the New York State Museum, which is free and big - but there's only just so many times we can enjoy a small, fake version of the Adirondacks when we have been in the real place with all it's glory!  We went to the Army/Navy store and tried on all the hats, pretended to Kayak, teased each other about eating the dried food packs, and felt a sense of pride in our troops - but that fun lasted about 45 minutes.  We have gone to the mall and checked out the pet store -especially since with four kids and two adults in our tiny little bungalow all winter there is no way I could give in to the idea of another thing with too much energy being trapped in with us! We watched movies, baked, done crafts, baked, played games, baked, eaten said baked goods, and baked some more.  (Just another reason to go to the gym!)
But I am running out of ideas!  So all you moms out there - home school and public school alike - ideas???
 Our prison!  (ok, so I am being a little dramatic!)

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