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Dear restless heart...

It's been a restless couple of weeks for me.  In all the uncertainty around us,  the worst part is feeling like I am alone in it.  I could handle the questions, the doubt, and the circumstances if I felt like God was really listening.  But it was one of those Dark Night times, and instead of pressing on, I gave up for a while. 
Then suddenly, as quickly as it appeared, it started to fade away.  And the haze of unbelief and worry I was in started to clear.  And I could breathe again.  And God was there - as he had been all along - in a more real an intimate way than before. 
I don't pretend to understand his ways.  Part of me wants to, because I am such a control freak!  But a bigger part of me knows that one of the reasons I cannot understand is because he is so much more than I can fathom - and would I really want to worship and follow a God that was completely understandable?
I have been reading Streams in Desert and journaling through that recently.  Last night I read this …

impossible, difficult, done

"I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God:  First, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done."  -Hudson Taylor
I heard this on the radio today as I was driving home from the church and it really struck me.  There are a lot of things in our life right now that seem like they may be difficult - or even impossible, and they are all things that we are looking to God to work through.  I know in my heart that his timing is always perfect and right, but my head has been fighting against that logic!
The other day the church treasurer left the financial statement on Shawn's desk.  We have just about enough to get through three more months of church. Three months.  That is not a long time.
When we first came here we committed to one year.  A year later it seemed that God was moving in some things that had happened that summer with a  missions trip from the Rome church and people being saved and lives changed.  There were not other things on…


When the Massos left yesterday to go on to their next destination, there were some tears and sadness here in our home.  The kids had connected rather quickly, and really enjoyed each other.  So did the adults.  God was good, and as we spent a couple of days at Silver Bay trudging through waist-deep snow, sledding, snowshoeing, building forts, playing board games and card games, sleeping in a little, being fed and cleaned up after, we got to know each other a little better. 
One of the really cool things for me was the chance to have them speak at Compelled on Wednesday night.  This church has heard much about Sudan from us since October, but to have some people that have actually been investing their lives there was a huge thing.  And it was neat for us to have them see us in a setting that is comfortable and normal for us-to see how we work, live, and think.  When we were in Sudan we saw that for them, but so often I felt like I was navigating a maze and trying to think of every ques…


Well, we are getting ready to head to Silver Bay, Lake George for a few days with the Masso family from Sudan.  They got here last night, and the kids have made fast friendships and are really enjoying each other.  After a few crowded hours in our house - with 11 people trying to get to know each other - we decided to go to the church and let the kids play sardines in the dark together.  It was a good idea, and much energy was released! :)  This morning we are waiting as the Masso's van is in the shop getting new bakes, and I am praying that our car (which is making a big clunking sound) makes it there and back with no problems!
The biggest reason for this get together was to let the kids meet each other and take some times to get to know each other better as families.  I am thankful  for this place at Silver Bay that lets pastors and missionaries stay  and eat for free, so we have some space, some time to relax and laugh together, and a chance to talk and really get to know each …