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new opportunities

I don't know if it was the amazing weather, the fact that school went really well today, getting the 50 cent ice-cream cones today at Stewart's for wearing green, or just the Holy Spirit working (probably a combo of all those things) but today was simply a good day. 
As I was talking with Shawn about things in our future (which are still blurry, at best) I got really excited.  I started thinking about what an opportunity all this is.  Honestly, I often look at these times of uncertainty as a punishment of sorts.  But today God opened my eyes and made it so clear all of the opportunities he is giving me right now!  Opportunities to grow with him; to go deeper in my walk with him; to build upon relationships already formed and look forward to relationships that are to come; to dream about the future, reminisce about the past, and live in the here and now.  And I can honestly say that I am excited about walking through this life one day at a time with Him. 
I was listening on the radio about St. Patrick and thought about what a testimony to this his life was. (Yes, I am Irish, but I didn't know much about this day!) He was kidnapped at 14, spent 6 years in slavery in Ireland, got to know God during that time, and followed His leading to be able to go back to England.  After he got home and was educated, one would think he would put it all behind him.  Instead he felt the call back to the place where he was enslaved to tell others about how to get real freedom!  He took what he was faced with and realized what an amazing opportunity it was!  (Exactly how did this day go from this remembrance to green beer and drunkeness?)
To new opportunities, friends!  


  1. Grateful for this perspective in the midst of uncertainty.


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