Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

When the kids were babies (and it felt like I had a lot of babies all together) people would say to me, "Cherish this time, it will go so quickly!"  HA!  I am NOT a baby person.  I like to hold them and ooh and ah, then give them back.  So that time never felt like it was flying by, I can tell you that!  It was more like a sleep deprived haze that I floated through for a few years!  But now...well, now is a different story.
I absolutely love, love, love the stage we are in as a family right now.  The kids are all old enough to dress, feed, and clean themselves; they can buckle themselves in the car; they love each other and enjoy playing together - entertainment is not usually an issue.  And yet they still like being with us.  We enjoy times as a family exploring new places, putting together legos, baking and cooking, watching movies that do not involve purple dinosaurs or colorful blobs that do not speak proper English, and doing all sorts of fun things.  We can also get up and go pretty quickly without diaper bags, playpens, and the assortment of things that we carted everywhere for several years.  Our children have learned to adapt to the spontaneous lifestyle Shawn and I like as we surprise them by telling them to grab a few toys and hop in the car because we are heading to Delta Lake for a few days, or whatever the adventure is at the moment.  And we are also all learning to enjoy each other and the simple things in those quiet, not-so-busy times. 
And I am realizing more and more that time really is flying by!  John is in 8th grade - we only have 4 more years of school with him!  When I started homeschooling him 9 years ago, I never thought we would both live to see the day that we would be looking at high school curriculum, yet here we are!  I was getting a little emotional about this passage of time, and once again my wonderful husband brought me back to reality and the idea of living and loving each moment and not fretting over the future. 
So today we will light 9 candles on Andrew's cake, eat the bacon cheeseburger and french fry dinner he requested, do school, play with new legos, and just take in time together as another opportunity to be thankful to God for this gift. 

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  1. I am one the DOES like the baby stage. But I must say after reading this, I'm a little winsome for things to come :) Enjoy your day together!


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