Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bucket list

Made a bucket list with Shawn tonight.  We are very different, so often times we would have to add our names after certain things.  For example, I could care less about seeing Bigfoot (really?!?) and he does not want to take a cake decorating or Latin dance class with me!  But when it comes to traveling, we are two peas in a pod - and I think our children are taking after us.  With all of us sitting around I heard:  visit the Western US and do a park tour, see a hockey game in Russia, boat on the Amazon, swim in the Nile, Visit the pyramids in Giza, pray at the Wailing Wall, walk on the Great Wall, eat fish and chips in a pub in England, lift our kilts in Scotland - Brave heart-like, take in a game at the new Yankee stadium, and try to make the guards at Buckingham palace laugh! 
I am so glad that God put my family together this way!  As we go through this life and continue our crazy adventures it is always fun to see how they play out!

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