Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The next step

A couple months ago I blogged about the fact that our church was struggling financially, and we did not see how we could stay on full time.  I was frustrated that God was not giving us answers, but simply telling us to wait on him.  I didn't want to wait until a week before the church was out of money and have to start looking for a job!  But as I settled into believing that God was at work, I started to see his hand in things that I never would have expected.
This evening Shawn was appointed as the part-time pastor of Carman Road Alliance Church AND Green Hills Alliance Church (Starting May 1st.)  We have been at Green Hills for three years this summer, and are glad that we do not have to leave it- but I never expected to gain another church family in the process!   In fact, I was sure that God would lead us to a church that was not a re-development church, not to the opportunity to do two of these churches at once!  I admit, both Shawn and I fought the idea at first.  But as soon as we started to actually listen to God's voice, he brought peace and excitement.
This other church has a parsonage, and we will be moving in the next week or two.  Shawn's time will be split between the two churches at three days a week.  The churches are half an hour apart, so on the days he is is Troy the kids and I will pack up and come with him so we can be there for the services.  Green Hills does the main service (Compelled) on Wednesday evenings, and Carman Road's main service is Sunday morning. 
It's not going to be easy, but honestly, most of the work that God has called us too hasn't been easy.  But it has been extremely rewarding and had benefits that we continue to reap to this day in the form of amazing friendships!
We are continuing to pursue going to Sudan with World Harvest Mission (whm.org) and we were honest about that with the churches.  Things seem to be moving in that direction, and we still have a heart for Africa.  But I believe, as with all this, that even that desire will come through as God designed.
So pray for us as we start this adventure!  Pray for the two churches - they both stretched their faith tonight  in their desire to give us a salary that will cover our expenses.  Pray for God to show himself in ways that we have never experienced before, or even imagined!


  1. Amen! Happy and excited for you! May God continue to bless your lives and direct your path as you serve him.

  2. Good to hear the news. I have been praying for your family. I like how you said you are gaining another family to get to know.

  3. May our Lord build these churches. May He strengthen you and Shawn as you follow where He has for you to serve. What an exciting answer to prayer. These churches are blessed. Can I come?

  4. We've pastored 2 redevelopment churches. So glad for God's provision and that you'll be able to stay.

  5. Hey Deb! This will be our third...seems to be our M.O. I guess! ;)

  6. Thank you for sharing this Heather. It helps to have a better idea of how to pray. My brother-in-law was a United Methodist pastor and at one time had 4 churches, all within 15 miles of each other!


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