Friday, April 22, 2011

packing it in

Today is part 1 of moving day.  Part one because we will pack up the van after the Good Friday service tonight, then sleep at a friend's house! (Thanks, Rosina!)  Tomorrow morning we head to Schenectady, unpack, return the truck, and once again sleep at Rosina's house, because we have a sunrise service in Troy on Easter!  It will be our last Sunday morning in Troy as we start the transition to these two pastorates beginning May 1st. 
This is what my house (in Troy) looks like right now...

(Most of our earthly possessions in one room!) 

Thankfully my ever-flexible kids have found ways to work/play despite the chaos today!

I am thankful for the Good Friday service tonight, and a chance to sit in a clean, uncluttered sanctuary and reflect on why we are doing this thing called life to begin with.  Happy Good Friday, everyone.  Sunday is on the way!

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  1. So you'll still be part time in Troy? God bless you as you move. Looks like your kids are fun! Hopefully you'll have lots of help!


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