Wednesday, May 11, 2011

comforting familiarity

I love adventure!  Exploring new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, and doing different things all make me happy.  I have found that since I came to a place in life where I am not trapped in fear constantly (that's a blog for another time) I really enjoyed some things that I never thought I would do - flying in a MAF plane, canoeing on a crazy  river, and going to foreign countries.  I am a girl that use to have a panic attack riding a carousel because "what if something happened and my horse broke loose?"  (What if?  How many crazy carousel accidents have you heard of?! )  Anyway...
That being said, there is something comforting and intimate about routine.  Tonight at Compelled we got done practicing and the whole worship team, including the sound guy, went into the prayer room to pray together like we do each week.  There was no pushing people that direction.  Everyone put down instruments and went back to pray.  And we prayed together with the ease of people who have gotten to know each other well and love God and each other.  And I can say that I do love this team.  It is filled with people who know how to laugh and have fun, yet are passionate about their relationship with God and seeing others have a relationship too.
As the school year is ending (for colleges) and many people in our congregation with be leaving for the summer - or graduating, boo hoo - I have felt sad these past few weeks.  As much as I like adventure, I struggle with change.  It's a weird paradox in my life.  I like knowing that I will see these people that I have come to care about each Monday night for practice, and then again Wednesday.  I like knowing that if we are playing a certain song, James will play something that makes my kids want to be like him, JP will add a cool bass line to it, TJ will add his own rhythm and sound to it (and probably break another pic), Jay will keep it going with the drums, and I can play off that.  We play well together (most nights...tonight was a little rough for me! Hahaha!)  We have learned to "hear" each other.  I like that familiarity.  And now it's all in chaos for the summer.  Sigh.  Roll with the punches, I guess.  And trust God.
 But if you happen to play an instrument and want to come see us each Wednesday - we would love it! ;)

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