Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This world is not our home

My heart is aching for many friends as I read their facebook posts, blogs, and prayer requests this morning.  I am sad for those in the south who are suffering from flooding and people in Pakistan who lost another loved one in a bombing and people in so many countries where there is not the freedoms we have.  I have been reading some books on persecution of Christians, and as I read through stories in Voice of the Martyrs I wonder if I could withstand the things that are being done to these brothers and sisters.  I feel heavy and overwhelmed for all the evil in the world, and the people that face it (and enforce it) each day. 
I keep reading about the prediction of the rapture happening this Saturday.  I put no stock in this prediction, but there is a glimmer of hope in remembering that it WILL happen someday.  And then those of us who know Jesus, who have relationship with him and have experienced his loving embrace here on earth will know it to the full measure as we go home - finally.  Our real home.  The one we long for in our hearts and dream of in our heads.  Where evil is no more and we can't imagine the wholeness and life that we feel for the first time.
Then I ache again - for so many that I love will not be experiencing that wholeness and home.  And as I pray for His return in one breath, I plead for his patience with this world in another so that more may come to know him.
Would you pray with me this day?  In all of it we can rest in our Father's arms and trust in his love.

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