Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five Rivers

This afternoon, in the heat of the day, we went hiking again at Five Rivers Park.  We also went to the visitors center and learned that the name is somewhat deceiving - it comes from the five major rivers in the AREA, not the park!  (I won't try to name them!)   The park itself only has two streams running through it, and several little ponds.  But it is still a wonderful place! Last night we went in the evening and walked around the Beaver Tree Trail.  We went back today with a couple of backpacks full of sunblock, bug spray, waster bottles, and snacks.  (The important things in life!) 
It was such a fun day.  We hiked the trails, saw many animals, waded in the stream, and had a lot of fun just sitting and watching as the kids played.  It was nice not to feel rushed or to feel like I needed to "keep moving!"  I often have a hard time letting the kids explore because I want to get to the next thing - whatever that may be.  Kinda like life for me, I guess.  I am learning to savor the moment in all aspects of life. 
As John, Shawn and I were sitting and watching the younger ones play, we noticed a hole in the ground.  After wondering what it was, we decided it belonged to a chipmunk.  Not 5 minutes later the little guy started spying on us!  He had his cheeks packed FULL of leaves, and we decided he must be trying to build a nest in the hole or something.  He would scoot on one side and watch us, then run to the other side and get close and sit and watch.  He just couldn't get brave enough to actually come to the hole.  We finally gave in and moved - but not before getting this picture:

Yes, that is a real picture, even though I know it looks photoshopped!  So funny!
Thanks God, for a good day of rest and laughter! 

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