Saturday, June 11, 2011

NED AWM of CMA love our IW's TCKs! ;)

This weekend I spent time with some wonderful women in the Northeastern District (NED) learning how to be a better leader in women's ministry.  The denomination that we are in is the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA for short) and the women's ministry is called Alliance Women Ministry (AWM to make things easier).  I am the new district chair for Third Culture Kids (TCKs-well, you know) which means I help match up the kids of our international workers (IWs -we like acronyms, what can I say?) with churches here in this district to be "adopted" and cared and loved on while they are part of a ministry family overseas.  As the new chair of the TCK ministry, I get to be a part of something that I understand from both sides.  When we were overseas it was such a blessing when people remembered my kids in special ways.  Whether it was stickers in a card, a picture or a big package at the holiday time or just to say "I love you" it was always an occasion to get something in the mail!  As a pastor's wife at a church that has adopted it's own TCK I get to see this side of things - the fun of picking out gifts that are meant especially for her, the prayers that happen for "our" kid, and the getting to know a family that is raising their kids in another culture.  I understand (to some degree) what some of those difficulties can be, and also can be excited because of the wonderful benefits that these families will experience from choosing this lifestyle!  I am excited about my new "job" can you tell?  :) 

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  1. Happy to be your prayer partner! It was great praying today for our TCK's. A blessing!


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