Saturday, September 3, 2011

This little piggy went to...Compelled

Last night was our Pig Roast for Compelled. We named the night "Beat the Rush" because our hope was to literally beat rush starting on RPI campus, but we didn't manage to do that!  We still had a tremendous turnout and a lot of fun.
Compelled has proven to be quite different from any other ministry we have done before.  We have a conglomeration of people from different backgrounds, churches, places in the world, and personalities - yet it seems to come together well.  Last night was only possible with help from most of the people involved in Compelled and Green Hills, many from out church in Schenectady - Carman Road, a few musicians and friends from Pineview and Oaks of Righteousness, and some people who helped out (and let us borrow a tent and sound system) from Hope UMC!  I love watching the body come together for the purpose of getting HIS love out there instead of focusing on our own things.
Shawn stayed at the church the night before along with two of our kids and a couple of the guys from Compelled.  Even though there was little sleep, there was a lot of laughing from the moment they picked up the pig!  (I will spare you those pictures...)  The music came together, even though it was the first time we played outside together.  There was more than enough food, even when people came back for seconds!  And there were a TON of people that I did not recognize - and that is a good thing!
Thanks for praying for us and this event!  If you are ever in the area feel free to drop in on a Wednesday night at 7, we would love to have you!
Next year though I think we may stick to hotdogs and hamburgers! :)
I will post pics as I get them from people! 

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