Monday, October 31, 2011

RJ's Broken Heart

Each year for the past 5 years on Halloween I remember something that took place on this day - RJ had his broken heart fixed! When he was born he had two holes in his heart - ASD and VSD. We were so thankful to be in the Cleveland area near Rainbow Hospital and one of the top heart surgeons for this type of surgery. His doctors and nurses were amazing. We lived for 6 months with the holes and the meds, but when it was clear they would not close on their own and that he was not growing the way he should, they scheduled surgery. I will not go into that day of sitting in the waiting room knowing my son's heart was only beating from a machine - I have blogged about that before! (Probably several times, since each year I remember this!) But as I was thinking about going into my usual, purposeful month of thankfulness tomorrow, I realized that this day was a wonderful start for me! I am so thankful for this this little guy that brightens our days with his smile, dimples, sparkling eyes, warm heart, and "British" accent! And I am thankful that God saw fit to have us where we were so his heart could be fixed. When we were first introduced to Dr. Saloukke, I was not only impressed with his ability to monitor and fix my son's heart - but his obvious love for RJ already and his amazing bedside manner and care for RJ's parents!
I am now pointing RJ towards the real heart-fixer, and enjoying watching as his little mind grasps some of the basics of "Jesus loves me this I know." What a wonderful life I have.

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