Friday, October 14, 2011

zoo day

My Anna's birthday is the end of this month. When I think about her being born in Buffalo, NY it is crazy to look at our life since then - she has been a nomadic child, that is for sure! Because the end of the month is going to be busy, and because Shawn's parents are coming for a few days then to celebrate, we decided to go today to the zoo, because that is what she wanted to do.

Yesterday I was praying that God would grant us favor with weather today, because it was calling for thunderstorms and nasty weather. In the night when I woke up it was storming, and by morning as I dragged myself out of bed in the cold, damp day I thought, "This day is going to be a bust!" But I packed lunches and we headed out in the rain. Halfway there we could see blue skies, and by the time we got to Syracuse it was a beautiful fall day! The morning rain had kept most people away, and the day ended up being gorgeous! Also, because it was not too hot, the outdoor animals were willing to be up front and personal! We have some great pictures of the lions that were giving "high fives" while they lounged right in front of the window, and we got to see the three baby tigers and their mama up close as they played and relaxed right in front of us. We laughed at the baby monkey that was being teased by it's older brother - some things are the same no matter what the species, I guess! And since the zoo is not huge, we walked through the whole thing twice! The first time there were a lot of school kids, but by the second time it was pretty calm! It was a wonderful time, and Anna was very happy.
We reminded her that though there is very little wild life in South Sudan, across the border in Uganda there are parks and places where we can see plenty of wildlife - including lions! Looking forward to that opportunity someday!

Anna is our nature-lover, science fanatic, and rescuer. She is practical in the idea that animals can provide food for people, yet still loves the thoughts of seeing species on the verge on extinction be protected and given a second chance. She loved watching the the animals interact up close, yet there is still a part that makes her wonder out loud about how happy animals in captivity can really be. She dreams about training animals and having lots of pets, yet wants to enjoy the wild side of them, too. I love watching out "little" girl dream big and grow up. I am excited to watch as God unfolds his plan for her life!
Oh yeah, we finished our day out at Heid's in Liverpool - where Man vs. Food ate some of their famous coneys and franks! Yum!

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