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As I sit in my in law's house smelling the turkey cooking, listening to the kids playing, and feeling content it is easy to give thanks and to genuinely feel thankful. However, just a few minutes ago I was playing the piano and I came across "Blessed Be Your Name." The songs talks about choosing to praise God and be thankful for who he is regardless of circumstances. "Blessed be your name on the road marked with suffering, when there's pain in the offering, blessed be your name." It goes on to say, "You give and take away, my heart will choose to say blessed be your name." That is not me. Not naturally anyway. I can see how quickly I go from "Blessed be your name" to "woe is me!" There is no thanksgiving in the times that I am sick and in pain. No praising him when the car is not working again. No offering up thanks to God for his sovereignty and grace when the kids are struggling with their faith or feeling hurt and …

Thanksgiving dinner around the world

Tonight we have our second annual Thanksgiving Dinner for international students at Compelled. Our team in South Sudan is also having their Thanksgiving extravaganza today! I am thinking of them and praying for them as I cook one of the four 20+ pound turkeys we will be serving up tonight! In S. Sudan they are eating chicken (no turkeys to be found this year) and playing games outside. In another year or so we will celebrate our first Thanksgiving in S. Sudan, and it will be as foreign to me as tonight will be for these international students. With that in mind I look forward to welcoming them tonight, sitting and talking to them, hearing what they think about their first American Thanksgiving dinner (Surprisingly many of them were not huge fans of turkey last year - but they LOVED the pies!) Pray for this amazing outreach if you have a chance - our percentages of people who do not know Jesus yet are high at this event! And pray for the S. Sudan team as they devour chicken, play…

Highs and lows

Many of you have been asking about how things are going in our lives. With two churches, raising support for South Sudan, homeschooling 4 kids, and just plain life - I have to admit there are times when I wonder, "What are you thinking, Lord?" We have definitely had our emotional ups and downs recently. To keep it real, here are a few examples:

High - Compelled. Period. Each week I am blown away by what God is doing in this church. I LOVE the people and the honesty and the rawness of it all. I so desire to see this be a self supporting, strong beacon of light in this community. (By self supporting, I mean financially, certainly not without God!) This has been one of those areas in our lives where God proves that He really does know what is best for his kids and he is in control, even when things seem bleak. We are now stressing keeping our eyes on him and not forgetting that he brought us here, he built it, and he will sustain it if we are faithful to remember that …

Fair Trade and yummy support

Well, yummy if you like coffee - which I don't really. But I appreciate this company that allows missionaries who are raising support and families wanting to adopt to use their website and resources to raise funds! At Just Love Coffee Roasters out of Tennessee, you can buy fair trade coffee from all over, apparel, mugs, and equipment. And if you go to our store front through them to do it, we receive a portion of the proceeds to our fund at World Harvest. The store is - check it out!