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Highs and lows

Many of you have been asking about how things are going in our lives. With two churches, raising support for South Sudan, homeschooling 4 kids, and just plain life - I have to admit there are times when I wonder, "What are you thinking, Lord?" We have definitely had our emotional ups and downs recently. To keep it real, here are a few examples:

High - Compelled. Period. Each week I am blown away by what God is doing in this church. I LOVE the people and the honesty and the rawness of it all. I so desire to see this be a self supporting, strong beacon of light in this community. (By self supporting, I mean financially, certainly not without God!) This has been one of those areas in our lives where God proves that He really does know what is best for his kids and he is in control, even when things seem bleak. We are now stressing keeping our eyes on him and not forgetting that he brought us here, he built it, and he will sustain it if we are faithful to remember that always. It is not about us.

LOW - With all this traveling back and forth each week, and the extra paperwork that is needed to register kids to this school district, starting the support raising, and just normal school, I am feeling like I can't keep things in order. I bought new file folders, copied the mountains of paperwork required by this district, and then after I handed in the originals, I lost the whole stack. Yep - IHIP, report cards, registration lists, past grades and testing, CAT scores - you name it. Also, two test keys for Anna and John's guitar books. How??? these things do not even belong all together - but they have all been missing since the same day, and I fear they were put in the recyclables by two little people cleaning quickly. So I had to email the District (so embarrassing), re-order test keys, and look online for guitar stuff. (I am still not sure they are all together!)

High - The weather! I mean really, it is November, but we have had sunshine and amazing blue skies everyday! I am still wearing flip flops and a hoodie! Whoo hoo!

Low - Trying to get Children's stuff going in the one church. There are awesome people here, but a small amount of them! They can only do just so much. So we are scaling back. Focusing on what we have and what we can do - pray, share Jesus, love each other. This is not really a low, but it took a while for me to accept it and just allow God to work. I also realized that once I accepted it, it was an area I could back off from.

High - Talking with our support coach, Jennifer. She is so encouraging, and even is patient when our lack of computer skills show! She is helping us get things in order to start getting in contact with all of you guys! :) We also had a couple of good meetings with people about supporting us.

Low - Still seeing the "$0" when our weekly reports come in from World Harvest. I look forward to that first week of support coming in - then I will feel like this is really happening!

High - Talks with my sister. They have been real, deep, and wonderful. I love these girls. It has even been fun being able to play online with them each night! We have laughed together, cried together, and vented together in the last couple of weeks - I am thankful for those friendships that are unique to sisters!

Low - The laptop died. But then High it came back to life - again! I was so bummed because so many letters and important things were on it. We thought it was gone for good. Then our friend who is on the Geek Squad (for real) told us to try something and, Voila, it works again!

These are just a few of the things I can share publicly. Obviously there are relationships and circumstances (both good and bad) that I cannot write about. But God has been faithful. We have a small group of people that I know are praying for us everyday as we navigate these crazy times. We have a warm house, full bellies, each other, and tons of fun stuff coming up in the next month. I am grateful - even if at times I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off!


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