Thursday, December 15, 2011


This weekend I am going home. Well, at least to the home where I grew up. In all our moving around, I am not sure where real "home" is anymore. Maybe it really is where you hang your heart, and that is not just a cheesy hallmark expression? I think perhaps I am just longing for Heaven one day when I think of home. But that's not what this post is about...

I am going to see my sisters!!! If you have a sister, you probably know that there is no other bond quite like it in this world. We have been best friends and worst enemies at times in life (More the former than the latter in these "adult" years of life!) But no matter what, I always have loved them with an intensity that is real and steady. And I know they love me the same way. And I don't get to see them nearly enough, so I am so excited that all of us (including my sister from marriage, Gina) will be there this weekend - with all our families! (well, minus Shawn, who has to stay here alone - if you are around you can come hang out with him since he is stuck without a car!) It is going to be chaos in my Dad's house, to say the least, but it is a also going to be two days of memory building. And with the idea of moving to South Sudan in about a year, we are storing up all the memories we can get!

This is also going to be a weekend where I do not have to think about anything but enjoying this family. Dad, Gram, and many extended family will be around as we go to a Christmas party. I don't have to worry about planning the service for church, playing the piano, making sure Children's Church is going, who I am sending what to, home school, or anything else. I am hoping that I can share with many people my excitement about South Sudan, but if that doesn't happen, I am not going to stress. Like I said, this is memory building time - for all of us!

I am thankful for this time - even more as I realize that the "ease" of spending time with my sisters and our family is going away soon. It is hard to think about, that is for sure. But I am not going to dwell on that, I am going to be thankful for many things this weekend:
noisy chaos of 13 kids under one roof at times - my kids being the oldest; exchanging simple ornament gifts; eating around a table together; watching different personalities figure each other out and the dynamics of relationships of people not together often enough; and games, laughter, and long talks. I am so excited!

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