Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new year's plans

Today is Wednesday - that means it is Compelled. I am happy about that - it is always a highlight of my week. But it also means this week is going too fast! I am really enjoying Christmas break - no school, lots of parties and friends, seeing people we haven't seen in ages! We get back to the normal on Monday, so I am already getting lesson plans done, meals planned, and the next few weeks mapped out. I am also planning some longer-term things. We have a list (and yes, your name is probably on that list) of people to send all our info about South Sudan to. We are trying to get that list in order, figuring out the trips we need to make (Georgia, Ohio/PA, Ithaca, etc.), and getting a strategy in place for the support raising we still need to do. As you plan out this new year for you and your family, be praying about how that fits into your life.

There have been many people asking why. Why would we leave this country? Why would we got to a brand new country that is just developing and has a history of war, famine, and strife? Why would we take our kids there, away from family and familiarity? There is a lot of money we need to raise to do all this, is it worth it?

In a word - yes.

You already know all the "We are obeying God's call on our life" answers, so let me leave you with a few more tangible reasons we are doing this: (Photos courtesy of Larissa - check out her blog under the "team mates blogs" on this page!)

Thanks for your support!

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