Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This evening I started training to get a certification in Phlebotomy. (Go ahead, make all the vampire jokes - I have heard them all!) It is something I have wanted to do for quite a while, but as a home schooling mom of 4, I have not had a lot of time to do more education myself. This opportunity came up at exactly the right time, and I am very excited about it! One of the first things that I was told was that I need to look confident in what I am doing. I realized it is true - who wants to walk into a place to get your blood drawn and have a person with a nervous laugh and shaky hand come to help? So I will practice, practice, practice - on a pillow, a towel - anything that is not actually alive right now. Then, when I get the hang of it and feel a little more confident, I will take a turn on a person. (Insert nervous breath here.) No, really, it will all be good!

In talking to our support coach for missions today, she also reminded me that despite things sometimes feeling discouraging, or the fact that support isn't pouring in by the droves, but rather slow and steady (I have never been very patient)that I need to remain confident in what God has called us too. And I am. I am confident that God will have our family serving him in South Sudan. And I am excited about this!

This confidence is something that I find I lack whenever I am wandering from Jesus...whether in apathy, anger, or laziness. When I have been away from him and his promises of who I am in him and what I can do (all things) through him, I become a very non-confident person. I become snippy and aggravated because I feel like I have something to prove - at the very least to myself, and oftentimes to others. And I fall short - because I am not relying on those promises and so I am not standing in his strength.

So thanks Merrielynn and Jennifer, for reminding me of that today. And thank you, Jesus, that it is all about you.

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