Friday, February 17, 2012


In this life God has given me special friends at each place we have lived. Those friends have been lifelines in my walk with Him, and I am so thankful for them and the ways they have shown God to me, helped me along in my walk, and understood this crazy, homeschooling, adventure-loving, not-desiring-after-the house-and-picket-fence woman that I am. They may not agree - but they "get me." That is so important!

Two of those people that he has blessed me with here are women who are also outside-of-the-norm thinkers. They are on this crazy ride with God as Episcopal priests who are starting a mission, learning to love Him and people more and more in the ups and downs of life, and are never quite sure what the future holds. they "get me." We understand each other. And they both love Africa. What more could I ask for?

We are going to be meeting each week to pray, talk about the things that He is telling us and guiding us in, and just allow each other to be real. I am so excited about this, because I need this so badly in my life - especially right now with this year ahead being so full of change, uncertainty, and need for faith! I am so thankful for these gifts he has given!

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