Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 at 3

I have taken on the Joy Dare from Ann Vokamp (See her blog This started in January and I just discovered it in February, but I figure I can roll it over into next year! ;) Today's dare: Joy in 3 gifts at 3. Hmmmmmm...I am sick today and was fast asleep at three o'clock! So I guess my thankfulness answers would be:
1. Rest for a sick body in a warm bed with fluffy pillows
2. Kids playing quietly and contentedly so I could rest
3. A husband who came home not long after and shut the door around so the noise would filter out and then found some videos on youtube to encourage me of God's (and his) love for me. (I am a little overly emotional when I am sick!)

This dare has been challenging for me. It's easy to see some of the things (my kids and husband) and some of the thanks comes easy. But some I have had to think about! 3 "ugly beautiful" gifts (gifts that have come from things not seen as beautiful or hard things.) A gift of tin, of glass, and of wood; 3 gifts that changed today.

I thought about blogging all of these gifts each day - but honestly, I wouldn't get to it! And some of the gifts are very personal - hardly able to be put to words. But once in a while I am going to pop up and ask you if you have been taking this dare. Because I have to say, I can see how it is changing my outlook to focus on the things of thanks (even the ugly beautiful things) instead of focusing on pity, sadness, anxiety, and anger. The Holy spirit is breaking something in me - changing me from the inside out.

So, for Friday the dare is: 3 gifts of green. Let me hear them, people!

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