Saturday, March 17, 2012

eating our way through OH and PA

Here is a quick post on what's happening this week during our Ohio and PA visit. It has been an amazing time catching up with friends and "family" as we have have eaten together, talked, eaten together, played games, eaten together, slept, eaten together, shopped, eaten together, had bonfires, and eaten together some more!
I remember why I gained so much weight when we lived here! haha! People are amazing cooks, and feeding someone is a way of showing love!
God has been gracious in giving us time each day to just visit and relax and enjoy these relationships that he has blessed us with. People have listened to our stories of the churches we are currently pastoring and the mission we are anticipating in South Sudan. They have patiently watched out video, looked at pictures, and asked questions about our plans, our calling, and our passions. The kids have politely left the room after about the 10th time of hearing all this! hahahaha! Ah, the life of an MK!
Today we get together with a couple more families, eat some more, and I get to visit Stepping Stones, a ministry out of Kinsman Chapel started by the amazing Kara Michaleski and a few friends. Then we will end the beautiful March night appropriately - with bonfire #2 with the McLaughlin family!

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