Thursday, March 29, 2012

what's up?

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I should do some updates!

A couple weeks ago we traveled to Ohio and PA to see friends that we hadn't seen in two years and to talk about our passion for South Sudan (and hopefully get some people to join our home team!) We had a great time, and we even got to relax a bit. We stopped at the Newports to see Shawn best friend from college (and best friend still) Matt and his amazing wife, Patti. Our kids hit it off instantly and there was a new generation of friendships formed. We even talked about how RJ and Andrew could end up going to Nyack with Micah and cause all sorts of trouble! haha We enjoyed our entire time in the Ohio/ was wonderful! (See my previous post for more on this!)

We realized that as much as we enjoyed the people there, NY is home right now. Funny how God does that, huh? We really missed these church families, and were happy to be back and playing in the worship team, meeting up with friends here, and continuing the work we are called to here. I guess that is one of the harder points about being in ministry (or any work) where you move around a lot...there is always someone you are missing.

Last weekend was Andrew's 10th birthday, and we had a party that was all things Angry Birds. He is a special, amazing kid. He makes me smile so often, and my grandma always calls him "Andrew with the Twinkling Eyes." She is right! I am so thankful for this kid! He had never had a party before other than a few family members, and he was so excited for Saturday that we should have cancelled school Thursday and Friday for as much as we got done! :) Thanks to everyone who came and loved on him!

Then yesterday we had lunch with Hannah, Christina, and Bishop Love. We were seeking his permission to speak to other priests and churches in the Albany Diocese about our missions stuff, and he gladly gave it. We were pleased with the permission and felt like God may be giving us some special relationships through this process. It continues to be amazing to see Him work...the things I plan and count on usually do not work, yet suddenly another surprising thing happens and I have to remember that He is the one making all this play out! Will I ever learn to stop relying on my emotions and my own finite plans?

Finally, at Compelled last night (which is ALWAYS a huge blessing) we talked about thankfulness. Yes, this continuing theme in my life that pops up everywhere! So I am intentionally going to thank God for everything this week. And I won't lie...saying that out loud scares me a little! But I know that His plans are best for me and He knows exactly what he is doing. I can't thank without trusting, and He is working on that one in me, too!

So, this is not my typical post, but there has been so much happening I wanted to thank you all for praying and keeping up to date on us!

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