Tuesday, May 15, 2012

this crazy, amazing life

God is such a crazy, amazing, wild God, isn't he?  Yet in the midst of all of it, he is a calm refuge.  I don't understand how those two things work, but I am so glad that it does!

A few things that I have been so thankful for in the past couple of weeks:

A GREAT time in the Buffalo area with friends from a decade ago.  Laughing, sharing, praying together, laughing some more...it was wonderful!  And watching my kids hit it off with the kids there was great, too.

Watching Anna go to Junior high Youth group at Kenmore...where were got our official start!  (All I could think was, "I hope this Jr high youth is not a crazy as ours was!"  HA!)

Laughing at RJ for trying to eat without his two front teeth - which are FINALLY starting to come in.  Poor kid - he's a mess-maker as it is, but now there are constant food stains on his cheek where he tries to eat from the side of his mouth!

A visit to the magnificent Niagara Falls.  When we lived close and went all the time, I forgot how beautiful it is.  Seeing it through my kid's eyes was pretty cool.

Friends that fill in the gaps when you are gone...and then love you enough when you get back to make you talk, and pray with you.  (Such a gift)  And then invite you to the movies to watch the Avengers! ;)

Time with two of my sisters a few weeks ago - swimming in cold water, eating all day long, and sharing together.  These are times that do not come often enough (and will be even less when we go to Africa) so I treasure them greatly!

Funds starting to come in for South Sudan...from places I didn't expect.  And doors opening up to share with churches what we will be doing!

Spending 13 hours in two days at the pool with my kids in the hotel...and reading my Nook when I wasn't swimming.  Loved the down time and watching them enjoy it!

There are so many ways that I am blessed...these are just a few!

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