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love, true love

This weekend we were at a wedding of some wonderful friends that Shawn had the honor of marrying.  Shawn takes marrying people very seriously and has turned down more couples than he has actually married. Yet the 13 couples that he has married are all still together, and this makes us both very happy.  To know that we both invested time and love into another family and then watching as they grow in love with Christ and each other is so amazing.  We take no credit for it - but we do feel a special love for those couples that we got to bond with this way.

At a wedding, one of my favorite things to do is to watch the groom. While others are watching the bride and oohing and ahhing over her dress and her beauty, I am watching the groom watch his bride.  There are many ways a groom can react - if he is nervous he may look very serious.  Or sometimes I have seen a groom look like he is about to sign his life away (thankfully not at any weddings that Shawn has done!) Usually, though, I see …

surgery fun

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Shawn this week when he had surgery.  He downplayed it a bit, so people were shocked when they saw the amount of stitches he had, but he is healing and doing well.  He had surgery Tuesday to remove a tumor from a salivary gland.  It required a bigger cut than I realized.  And since the tumor was surrounding several nerves, he is still numb - like he had Novocaine.  Also, it is starting to heal inside so it is itchy, but the outside is still numb so he can't even feel when he tries to itch it!  So frustrating for him, I am sure!

The bandages make it look like he had major brain surgery - but it was just a hard place to cover! lol
Swollen from the stitches
We are headed off today to do a wedding of two amazing young people - an honor that comes in with the title of pastor!  Thanks!

Crossing Cultures

Yesterday began our journey into things unfamiliar.  Shawn and I headed up to Ausable Forks, NY (Right outside of Plattsburg, for most of you who will ask me later) and met with Deacon Patti from the St. James Episcopal Church there.  What a wonderful time we had with this amazing group of people!

Having grown up in the CMA, we are not familiar with the liturgy and form that accompanies this church.  The first time I attended a service at Oaks with Hannah and Christina I almost laughed at my lack of knowing what to do - stand, sit, repeat, answer, etc.  I felt like a little kid instead of a pastor's wife - it opened my eyes to how "real people" feel coming into church! When we were in South Sudan it was the same way.  Yes, the service was in Moru and Juba Arabic, and every once in a while translated into a few English phrases.  But the big thing was that I couldn't even guess what was being said or what was occurring because I was as unfamiliar with the Anglican chu…

I think we are

It's been a while since I blogged, and I am not sure if I should apologize about that or not?  haha - sometimes my ramblings even get on my own nerves!  Anyway...

We spent last week at Delta Lake with a camp full of people who love Jesus and were (mostly) excited to hear about our heart for South Sudan.  The thing that makes that ironic is how much I struggled with the realities of what life will be like when we get there during camp this last week.  As much as I enjoyed the community of people being around constantly, there was also the reminder that, despite the fact I think I am mostly an extrovert, I still have introvert qualities - like the need for time alone to rejuvenate and recharge.  Every where I went there were people - in the cabin was the whole family plus Christina and Logan, outside was the youth tab and people walking by, at the dock were lifeguards and kids, at the main tab was people that I loved seeing and having the chance to hang out with-but still made it s…