Wednesday, July 25, 2012

love, true love

This weekend we were at a wedding of some wonderful friends that Shawn had the honor of marrying.  Shawn takes marrying people very seriously and has turned down more couples than he has actually married. Yet the 13 couples that he has married are all still together, and this makes us both very happy.  To know that we both invested time and love into another family and then watching as they grow in love with Christ and each other is so amazing.  We take no credit for it - but we do feel a special love for those couples that we got to bond with this way.

At a wedding, one of my favorite things to do is to watch the groom. While others are watching the bride and oohing and ahhing over her dress and her beauty, I am watching the groom watch his bride.  There are many ways a groom can react - if he is nervous he may look very serious.  Or sometimes I have seen a groom look like he is about to sign his life away (thankfully not at any weddings that Shawn has done!) Usually, though, I see a man that is starting to lose control of his emotions because his wedding day is finally here and his bride is coming towards him and she is beautiful - and she belongs to him!  

JP was that way.  I am tearing up as I think about his reaction to his beautiful Jenna.  He was emotional as I hugged him before the ceremony, but he couldn't stop crying and smiling as she walked (  toward him.  They were both full of joy, but his joy was overflowing.  

That is how Jesus feels about me.  

I am his bride.  He is looking at me and smiling and loving me and tears of joy are flowing freely.  He thinks I am beautiful.  Yes, the church as a whole is his bride, but I am part of that - I am special to him and he loves me.

I often don't think of God as singing over me; as dancing with joy for me; as someone smiling a smile so big and full you wonder if his cheeks are hurting.  Yet as I watched JP look at Jenna that day, I got a very physical picture of His love for me.  

So thanks for letting us be a part of your day, Mr. and Mrs. Stoffel!  And Thank you, Jesus, for your love for me.  


  1. So true :) and my favorite picture from my wedding is the one that was taken of Tim just as the back of the church opened and he first saw me

  2. I watch the groom at weddings too!!

  3. Me too, especially after I saw my own son tear up at the sight of his bride!


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