Friday, July 20, 2012

surgery fun

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Shawn this week when he had surgery.  He downplayed it a bit, so people were shocked when they saw the amount of stitches he had, but he is healing and doing well.  He had surgery Tuesday to remove a tumor from a salivary gland.  It required a bigger cut than I realized.  And since the tumor was surrounding several nerves, he is still numb - like he had Novocaine.  Also, it is starting to heal inside so it is itchy, but the outside is still numb so he can't even feel when he tries to itch it!  So frustrating for him, I am sure!

The bandages make it look like he had major brain surgery - but it was just a hard place to cover! lol

Swollen from the stitches

We are headed off today to do a wedding of two amazing young people - an honor that comes in with the title of pastor!  Thanks! 

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