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As I sit here the first full day after Sandy made her way through the Northeast, I am stunned at the amount of damage she left behind.   Pictures of NYC and the Jersey shore made me hurt for people that live there and have lost everything - even to the extent of their lives.  It is reminiscent of so many disasters all over the world.  This blog is basically me processing, so sorry for my rambling!

I have been thinking about loss a lot today.  There are so many different ways to experience this - and none of them are easy.  Losing my mom at such a young age was - and still is - a big hit.  Having to leave Malawi - a place where I felt at home for the first time - left a hole.  Letting go of things that I think "should have been" in my life and actually allowing myself to heal when sometimes I would rather wallow.  Moving around so much in our lives has meant loss of those daily friendships with people that I have loved.  Yes, we have been blessed to have friends that will re…

good things

We are settled into our new house in Waterford, and enjoying the goodness of all the things God has given us recently.  This church (Grace Episcopal Church) has been more than generous to us as they bring us food, meals, and encouragement - along with a free house!  We enjoyed worshiping with them this week.

Other things that we are thankful for in the past few weeks:

*It's missions conference at Compelled and we are having the International worker stay with us.  He is from Mali, Africa, and listening to his stories of life there for the past 34 years is fun, encouraging, and heart-breaking (as they are retiring after so long there!)

*A few days away at Silver Bay where pastors and their families can stay for free.  Though it was chilly, the kids played in Lake George, we played tennis (in jeans and winter jackets!), and rested and enjoyed each other for a few nights.  The best thing about this place is that I don't have to cook or clean up!  Whoo hoo!

*Celebrating Anna…

Home Sweet Home

I'm not quite sure what that phrase even means, sometimes!  In the 16+ years we have been married, we have moved 17 times.  And we stayed in one house in Kinsman for 4.5 years!  I guess not owning a home means that rent prices go up and all that good stuff.  When we were in Malawi we moved three times before being able to settle in the mission housing of some Southern Baptist friends, because the Malawian landlords thought they could get a good price from the Americans!  But that's neither here nor there....

Welcome to our new place!
 The Grace Episcopal Church of Waterford, NY has graciously let us live in their empty rectory free of charge while we are raising support to go to South Sudan!  And I have to say - it's good to be back in the Troy, NY area!  It takes only 10 minutes to get to Compelled, and we are actually able to do school at home, eat all our meals, and still go to church Wednesday night instead of packing up and spending the day there!  And we can hang ou…