Tuesday, October 23, 2012

good things

We are settled into our new house in Waterford, and enjoying the goodness of all the things God has given us recently.  This church (Grace Episcopal Church) has been more than generous to us as they bring us food, meals, and encouragement - along with a free house!  We enjoyed worshiping with them this week.

Other things that we are thankful for in the past few weeks:

*It's missions conference at Compelled and we are having the International worker stay with us.  He is from Mali, Africa, and listening to his stories of life there for the past 34 years is fun, encouraging, and heart-breaking (as they are retiring after so long there!)

*A few days away at Silver Bay where pastors and their families can stay for free.  Though it was chilly, the kids played in Lake George, we played tennis (in jeans and winter jackets!), and rested and enjoyed each other for a few nights.  The best thing about this place is that I don't have to cook or clean up!  Whoo hoo!

*Celebrating Anna's birthday a week early with her cousins.  Anytime they can be together is fun and memory making.  We realize these times are precious.

*Rocking out at compelled with the amazing worship team I play with - and watching John grow and thrive in that setting.  Yes, I am a proud mama!

*Game and movie night at our house with the compelled family - laughing together and eating chocolate.  Enough said!

*Worshiping at a few different churches that we had not had a chance to be a part of before :  St. Thomas in Tupper Lake (what a welcoming family!), Clearview CMA Church in Schodack (We were loved on immensely), and Grace Church (as mentioned above!)  This weekend we will be heading to the CMA church in Hoosick Falls!  Looking forward to it!

*Chatting with friends from all over the world.  I love cell phones and facebook and skype and all that "technology!"

*Seeing new names on our weekly reports for fun raising!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*Eating Turkey Dinner at compelled - yummmmmmy

*We have had some really good school days this year so far.  Thank you, Lord.  I needed it after last year!  haha! Apparently Geometry is easier for John than Algebra - just like me!

*Getting to know Andy and Beverly more as they prepare to take over at Compelled.  What a wonderful couple.  I am excited for what God is going to do in and through them.

*A bonfire at a friend's house!  And God held off the rain for the most part!  :)

*Visiting the RPI Observatory and catching a glimpse of a satellite.  The second time, Andrew even got to see Jupiter and 4 of it's moons!

Thank you, Jesus.  You are good.  

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