Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday we had a good day of eating, walking, zumba-ing, laughing, talking, and hanging out at my Dad's house for Thanksgiving.  It was a a relatively calm day, and we were able to to enjoy each other and catch up.  Cousins played together, there was more than enough food, and we had a good time.  Today the kids are excited because Shawn's parent's have planned a "treasure hunt" for them.  This is something that usually happened at Cousin Camp each summer, but this year Cousin Camp was no more, so the kids had some specific things that they missed.  One of the big ones was the treasure hunt! We are also having another turkey dinner with them, so there is more thanksgiving celebrations happening.

Each of these holidays are wonderful.  I love getting together with people and catching up.  It doesn't have to be some huge event - movie night with friends is something I cherish.  On New Years Eve we are hosting a party for friends in the area (If you are around, you are welcome!)  Then after that we head out on a big two month trip meeting people and catching up with old friends for support raising.  Each one of those visits will be wonderful - and sad.

Because each one of these things has the thought, "Next year in South Sudan..." behind it.  And this statement holds so many different thoughts and emotions:  excitement and joy, curiosity and wonder, sadness and loss, happiness and gain, anxiety and unknown...all bundled up together!  We are so excited and ready to get there, get to know our team and our new home, meet the people we will be ministering with and to, start to figure out our roles and adjust to so many new things.  Yet at the same time that means it will be a long time before any more movie nights with these friends, turkey dinners with grandparents, and zumba with sisters.  Good and bad.  Gain and loss.  Always missing someone - that's the life we choose.

Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't trade my life for any other!  I LOVE my life.  And facing the reality of the blustering all of emotions that seems to be constantly rising up in me is a good and healthy thing.  But as usual, friends, writing is how I process.  So you tend to hear a lot about these things in this blog! Thanks for your continued prayers for me and my family.  You are among the many blessings I continue to be so very thankful for!

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  1. I love yall so much! I am thankful that yall really listen to what God has, a beautiful example fory small family and so many others!


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