Sunday, November 4, 2012

keeping it going...

I am thankful for friends who come over and eat cheesecake, listen to silly songs, and just laugh together.

I am thankful for this computer that allows me to stay in contact with people all over the world easily and quickly!

I am thankful for Al and Ru, who put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into our friendship and into helping us raise support!  They are amazing people, and I love them!

I am thankful for the chance to home school my kids - even though some days I am exhausted from it and feel so much less than adequate.  I see good things in them that I know are partly because of this choice for our family.  They will have other things that are become challenges because of this choice, but I am thankful for those things, too, because I believe it is all a part of God's plan for them.

I am thankful that our church blessed us with a gift card and I could buy Anna pants and shoes that actually fit!  (These kids never stop growing!)

I am thankful for the pumpkin scented candle next to me - because it brings light and a yummy smell and makes me very happy!  (Sometimes I overlook these simple, little things that God gives me!)

(I would love to hear what you are thankful for!)

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