Saturday, November 3, 2012

more thanks

I am thankful for heat, as I sit here shivering in the cold air this morning!  (I am also praying for all those going without electricity right now!)

I am thankful for the summer I had with Christina and her little Logan (Or not-so-little Logan!)  I miss them terribly, but am grateful for a summer of laughs, tears, games, memories, late night talks, funny videos, and growing together as moms!  I love them both!

I am thankful that my daughter is at a birthday party today of a good friend and that John had two of his friends over last night.  It is a good thing to see your kids develop friendships and learn in them.

I am thankful for the library being just three blocks down the street, and that we can go there as much as we want and get books to read and videos and watch for free!  And it's a good sized one, so there are many options!

I am thankful for a few minutes of quiet time this morning as I sit writing this and "the crew" is mostly still sleeping!  I feel peaceful listening to the clock ticking, the cars going by outside, and praying.  

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