Thursday, November 1, 2012

thanks overflowing

It's November already!  (I am not sure how that happened!)  So I am doing my usual thankfulness count this month.  The difference is that thanks to a friend recommending "One Thousand Gifts"by Ann Voskamp  I have been doing this all year - and it has really affected me.  But since I always need to process and think through writing, I am going to make those things more public through this blog.  Would you count along with me this month?

Today I am so, so thankful for my husband.  Shawn is my best friend.  He was my hero when I was a  confused and angry little 18 year old girl, and he held my hand and has walked with me through some of the hardest moments in my life.  I am so thankful for this man that is my best friend and an amazing father.

I am also thankful for my kids as they are growing and becoming their own people.  What a gift I was given in these 4 people!   I love to see their personalities grow and shape.  They love Jesus, us, and each other.  They make me laugh until my sides hurt sometimes, and cry as if my heart would burst at others because I love them so much.  I am so excited to watch and see the things that God has planned for them.

For my friends.  God has blessed me some women in my life that have known me like no one else.  I can be real, honest, and raw with them.  Some have been only for a time in life, and I am thankful for that time.  Others - fewer, but so precious - are people that will be lifelong sisters - kindred spirits, if you will.  I know I can always count on them for love, encouragement, prayer - and a hard word when needed.  (This is just one of those amazing women!)

For my real sisters.  What would I do without them?  We frustrate each other in ways that only sisters can do, but will always love each other.  They have known me longer than anyone else on this earth that really knows me.  We have shared good and bad times together, and it has made us stronger.  They are women that I text or call several times a week, and I can;t imagine not having them.

For my church family.  I can's say enough about Compelled.  I am in awe of what these people will do for Jesus.  They challenge me and make me stronger and more confident because it is done in love.  It is a family that has allowed authenticity and healing in the ugly, dark places.  I will miss them so, so much when we leave.  I am only comforted knowing that this church is one of those places to which we can always come home.

There are so many more!  I can't wait to share them with you! 

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