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Recently I was walking from our house to the grocery store.  To do that, I have to cross a bridge over the Hudson River.  I had been to the post office and library and was thinking how nice it was to be able to walk to everything, because it gave me some serious prayer time.  I had been praising God because earlier in the day a friend had called and asked for prayer, and just before my walk had told me that God had met her in that.  It had also been a great week of fund raising, and on top of it all, we heard from a friend that they wanted to give us their van.  In other words, it was a time of great thanksgiving and praise in my talking with God.  I was not depressed or coming to him and pouring my frustrations and anger out (as I have done many times!)  This was simply a time of joy with my Father.  Then, as I was crossing the bridge, it was as if I physically bumped into a wall.  I almost "bounced back" and in that moment - what was probably just a second or two, but fel…

growing up

Yesterday we took John on a college visit to Nyack.  He is young - only 10th grade.  But he will be in Africa when we should be doing the college visit rounds, so we decided to get him in the loop as we traveled and give him some opportunities to see what is out there.  Since we were visiting family and friends and doing some support raising in the NYC area, we decided to make an appointment at Nyack and let him check it our.  If nothing else, we figured we would get a free lunch! ;)  He was not real receptive to the idea of visiting.  He seemed to be bucking the idea and not at all excited, which I couldn't figure out.  However, as we sat in the admissions office and he met some of the people working there, I watched him grow up before my eyes.  Where was the boy who was shy and introverted?  Here was a young man making eye contact, answering all the questions, laughing and enjoying the whole thing.  Later, as we sat in the cafeteria, he admitted that he thought it would be a bi…

lessons from little hearts

I learn so much from my kids.  They are really God's biggest blessings to me.

Anna wanted to go Christmas shopping - for me - today!  (Yay - I like gifts, I admit it!)  And the kids decided to exchange names with each other so they could get a little something for each other without going broke.  They just love to give gifts!  So I headed out the door with Anna, Andrew, and RJ this morning to go looking.  We were planning to go to the dollar store, Walmart, and Big Lots.  My thought was that they would find a few little things at the dollar store and then we could head home and forget the other stores.  They each found some fun stuff at the dollar store - but then wanted to go to Walmart to head to the lego department.  Apparently, they decided that the best idea was to forgo the little pieces of things that break and to get something that the person really wanted.  I hesitated.  See, my kids don't really get an allowance.  And the younger two don't have jobs to make ext…