Saturday, December 8, 2012

growing up

Yesterday we took John on a college visit to Nyack.  He is young - only 10th grade.  But he will be in Africa when we should be doing the college visit rounds, so we decided to get him in the loop as we traveled and give him some opportunities to see what is out there.  Since we were visiting family and friends and doing some support raising in the NYC area, we decided to make an appointment at Nyack and let him check it our.  If nothing else, we figured we would get a free lunch! ;)  He was not real receptive to the idea of visiting.  He seemed to be bucking the idea and not at all excited, which I couldn't figure out.  However, as we sat in the admissions office and he met some of the people working there, I watched him grow up before my eyes.  Where was the boy who was shy and introverted?  Here was a young man making eye contact, answering all the questions, laughing and enjoying the whole thing.  Later, as we sat in the cafeteria, he admitted that he thought it would be a bigger and more chaotic, but now that he was there, he liked the atmosphere.  It was funny that he didn't even notice some of the things that Nyack points out as being a strength - the whole multi-cultural, multi-ethnic thing is something that is normal in his life.  And when the admissions guys said he knew that one of our concerns would be for his safety, I suppressed a giggle.  I'm moving him to Africa - I'm not so worried about Nyack.  And there are plenty of family and friends in the area that will check up on him!  Overall it was a good visit, and now John knows what to expect when we go to the next place.  I don't know where John will end up at college - that is totally up to him (and God), but I am glad that he had the chance to see Nyack and think about that opportunity

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