Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I woke up this morning and realized that we have been on the road raising support for a month now.  And then I had a severe case of homesickness.

This is definitely not a reflection of the places we have been and the people with whom we have been staying.  We have had an abundance of amazing hosts who have spoiled us with good meals, games, laughter, prayers, adventures, and love and who made us feel right at home.  It is simply an observation of where my emotions are right now.

And while I miss my friends and church family in Troy a ton, it's not just about the relationships.  I miss going out my door and driving to the grocery store without a GPS.  I miss pulling out a puzzle and sitting for hours with it all over the table.  I miss the knowing all the little quirks of my own place - what that weird bump in the night noise was, etc.  I miss knowing what radio station plays the Christian music that I usually listen too.  I miss knowing where is the best place to buy yet another bunch of socks for the little guys because they have "misplaced" so many again!  I miss familiarity and feeling "at home."

I understood that this is the life we have signed up for, but it has become more real to me on this trip.  As I read blogs of my friends who are overseas, it is a constant struggle in their own lives.  No one place feels completely like home anymore.  As we head back to Troy next month I have no doubt that we, as a family, will have to work through that as it hits in an even more real way.

We are aliens and strangers in this world.  We are sojourners.
(I have to admit, my boys think the idea of being an alien is way too cool!)

So as I listen to Building 429's song, Where I Belong, I can understand those words in a different way again.  "All I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong..."
Thanks for praying for us! 

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