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To God be the Glory...

...great things he hath done!

Big and little.

Lately I have been in awe of all the "little" ways God has been showing himself to me.  Ways that can only be him, because there is no other explanation.  Things that in the grand scheme of life don't seem like they (as far as that particular action) really matter.  But he knew they mattered to me - and he showed himself!

I guess he always does - but sometimes it does not seem as obvious.  Or is it that sometimes I am not looking as intently?

One of the things that Shawn has felt God has told him again and again in the support raising process is that when we finally get to the point where it is not about our contacts, our friends, our abilities,  then he will intervene.  And in doing so, HE will get the glory.  Well, he is getting that now.  We have reached the end of the line when it comes to natural contacts and people to ask.  We have spoken with almost every family member and friend/acquaintance we have ever know!  An…


This morning I had the fun task of taking RJ to the dentist.  For some reason my youngest two have bad teeth - weak enamel or the fact that they only floss when I am standing over them glaring are probably the biggest reasons, because we don't eat a lot of sticky, sweet things!  A couple years ago I had to take Andrew to the dentist and he was put under conscious sedation.  It was one of the worst experiences of my life!  After over an hour of yelling, screaming, crying out for help and calling my name as I held him down so they could operate, they fixed 8 cavities and pulled several teeth.  (They also cleaned them while he was under!)  They were right - he didn't remember a thing - but I was scarred for life.

Today they gave RJ laughing gas and then Novocaine, but he still had a hard time when they actually started pulling.  Watching him grab the chair and cry was terrible.  For one thing, I had inadvertently lied to him.  I was under the assumption the reason I was paying …

climbing mountains

This last week we spent time with friends in northern Maine, at a family cabin.  It was a wonderful time with many fun things to do, and we are so grateful for it!  I also learned (re-learned?) an important lesson as we decided to go hiking in Acadia National Park.

My friends, Hannah and Christina, are kind of super hikers.  They would say that was not true, but it is.  So when they suggested doing the Beehive, I was apprehensive.  Then I looked it up online and got even more nervous.  I was not thinking so much about the straight up hike for myself as I was the fact that I had to watch the kids do it!  When the warning signs look like the one below, you tend to think twice as a mom!

However, just the day before we went exploring an island that had a lot of cliffs and rocks to climb and the kids did awesome so I decided to give it a try.

When we pulled up and saw the mountain that was the Beehive, I tried not to show my distress.  I knew there was no way I could keep up with these…


Isn't it wonderful how God has created us with so many ways to be touched emotionally through all our senses?  I see my kids smile and feel like the world is right; I smell freshly cut grass and lilacs and it means new beginnings and hope; I feel the weightlessness of my body floating in the cool lake, and it resets my mind back to being settled; I taste the warm, exotic spices that flavor indian foods and I think there cannot be a better culture as far as food goes; and I hear the voice of a friend that I haven't seen in far too long over the phone, and it transports me back to a time and place we were together.

I had that last experience tonight.

Talking with Althea on the phone made me so very happy!  Althea was the woman who stepped in when we were in Malawi and floundering around not knowing what we were supposed to be doing!  She was the one the pastors took us to when we said, "Please take us to a white person."  She drove me to the ER and took care of all t…