Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To God be the Glory...

...great things he hath done!

Big and little.

Lately I have been in awe of all the "little" ways God has been showing himself to me.  Ways that can only be him, because there is no other explanation.  Things that in the grand scheme of life don't seem like they (as far as that particular action) really matter.  But he knew they mattered to me - and he showed himself!

I guess he always does - but sometimes it does not seem as obvious.  Or is it that sometimes I am not looking as intently?

One of the things that Shawn has felt God has told him again and again in the support raising process is that when we finally get to the point where it is not about our contacts, our friends, our abilities,  then he will intervene.  And in doing so, HE will get the glory.  Well, he is getting that now.  We have reached the end of the line when it comes to natural contacts and people to ask.  We have spoken with almost every family member and friend/acquaintance we have ever know!  And it has been a wonderful, fun, sometimes-stressful, but usually rewarding in an "at-least-we-were-able-to-reconnect" way.  And our kids know their second and third cousins more than I ever imagined they would!  (They will get to know many of them better of this next trip!)

But from here on out, it is God.  (ha - like it wasn't before.  I am so prideful!)  Any new contacts, and new support, and new prayer people, any new churches - it all comes from him.  And that is a HUGE relief.

But it wasn't always.  When I first realized that was the point that we were at, I panicked.  I am not always the most trusting person - and God has gotten the brunt of that.  He does not need to prove himself and his goodness and love for me, yet he has decided to do just that again and again.  And in the last week, I have seen him everywhere and in everything.  From being the finder of lost things to being the God who asks people to remind me of his word - even new friends that we are still getting to know!  And it is perfect and exactly what I needed in that moment.  His timing is impeccable.

So I am learning to give him the glory.  It is in line with living a life of thankfulness - which has taken the back seat in my life since I started fund raising.  But no more!  I am thankful for you all, for the God who made our paths cross, and for his love and work in my life.   

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  1. Thanks for that wonderful message and I love it. God Bless for both of you and TheFamily


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