Monday, February 11, 2019

God in the Curry

I don’t know when the smell of curries became a comfort smell for me.
I don't know when the smell of curries became home for me. 

Today as I was walking through Diamond Plaza (Little India here in Nairobi) I instantly went to a place of feeling safe and at home when I caught a whiff of turmeric and cumin wafting through the air.  These warm spices automatically hit my senses and make me happy. It brings to mind pictures of English class with my ladies; Karogas (BBQ’s) with friends – laughing, eating, and visiting; cooking lessons with our neighbor when the interns were here; and henna with friends after taking chai together.
Somewhere along the line India became home, and I’ve never even been there.
This time back in Kenya has been a bit difficult for me.  Shawn and Anna are missing from everyday life.  (Shawn will be back this week!!) I came back to a whole new team, because our Nairobi team became two as we focus on more specific ministries.  We no longer live in the house we were in for the past 1.5 year – not even in the same part of town.  We are staying in a friend’s flat while they are on home assignment, so even the furniture is different.  The boys are finishing this year’s school online rather than returning to Rosslyn, so that community is lost.  I have a new job – an actual job with a real description- that is keeping me hopping as I figure out how to balance kids, work, and the chaos that is often life here. I feel out of sorts a lot as I navigate these things.
But today, after walking into town to meet a friend for lunch, I stopped in the market to pick up fresh bread, a few spices, and a treat for the boys, and suddenly I was “home.”  I stood still for just a moment in the familiarity of it all, and thanked God for this time of life.  It wasn’t hard to find him in the middle of the craziness that is Diamond Plaza and Nairobi – he came to me on the smell of the curry.

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