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Google Maps Saves the Day

I have absolutely zero sense of direction.  Ask my husband - or any of my boys.  Unfortunately Anna seems to have inherited this trait, so she can't say anything! ;)

The other I decide to take a walk.  I have been trying to make sure I get all my steps in everyday, and this weather has been so fantastic that I couldn't resist.  So I threw some shopping bags in a backpack, because the plan was to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and headed out.  Shawn and I have done a lot of walking in this area, so I felt pretty confident, but I had my phone on me so if all else failed, I could pull out good old Google maps.  After being here almost three months, though, I felt like I should have a good feel for my neighborhood.

You can probably see where this is going.

I decided to take some streets that I hadn't taken before.  We live in a gorgeous neighborhood with many old houses that have been kept up beautifully.  It's not one of those areas where you have to worry about wandering into a place you might not want to navigate alone, so I decided to just explore.  I was feeling pretty good about where I was when I crossed a major street. In my mind I knew exactly where I would come out.  And - ta da - I did!  I confidently took a left and headed back towards the grocery store,  impressed that I made it that far down and still knew where I was.

Until I realized my left turn should have been a right.

Turns out I knew what road I was on, but I had very confidently turned the wrong way on the road.  So when I kept looking for the traffic circle with the fountain and realized it was no where to be found I begrudgingly pulled out my phone.

Ah, man...

When I came out on that main road I turned the wrong way.  Some how I had convinced myself I was on the other side of the street and now I had walked almost a mile in the wrong direction.  (Yes, I really should have realized it before that, but I TOLD you!)   Thankfully the weather was brilliant, I had decent shoes on (no sandals!), and I was wanting to get steps in.  I sent Shawn a message sheepishly giggling about my mistake, knowing he would probably just laugh and not be too surprised, then I turned around and headed the right direction.   I doubled my mileage.

I was thinking about this as I was walking, because I have joked with people before that if I think I should for sure turn right, the reality is I should automatically go left.  That is true pretty much 90% of the time.

I got on instagram when I got home because I was interested in a theory I had.  Over a million people have used the hashtag #followyourheart.  (another several thousand used one with a heart emoji attached!)  Thousands of people used the hashtag #dowhatyouwanttodo.

Today I had my phone on me.  I could have checked when I got to the road to make sure I was where I thought I was - especially with all my previous history of getting lost.  That would have been the wise thing to do.  Instead I pridefully went with what I thought because I wanted to prove I knew it.  I have done this so many times in life - and not just driving or walking around.  How many times have I "turned left" when I should have "turned right" because I decided to follow what my heart thought it wanted or deserved?  Or because I didn't take the time to pray or jump into His word?  Yes, he gives us common sense, but the Bible says that in every situation, by prayer and thanksgiving, we should present our requests to God. The psalmist says that in the morning God hears him as he presents his requests and waits on God.  Often times I just jump - I do what "feels" right or what I think is right for me -what my heart wants.  But the bible speaks to that, as well.  It says the heart is deceitful above all things - who can understand it?

My heart, when given the chance, will always seek out what it thinks is best for me.  Pride gets in the way, selfishness, and even the thought that I deserve something.  But often when I have followed that path it leads to times of brokenness, hurt, and consequences that could have been avoided if I had taken a moment to pray - and listen.  After all, it wouldn't do any good to consult google maps and then throw her back in my pocket without looking or listening.

Of course the Holy Spirit is not just a voice coming from our phone with whatever accent we have it set on!  (I once had a GPS set to Darth Vader's voice!)  We have a personal, intimate relationship with him.  However, I think we forget  that he does have a plan and desire to walk along side us and help us know the direction to go.  On my walk my lack of doing that lead to a longer trek with no real harm other than having less time to prepare for dinner guests tonight and blister on the bottom of my foot.  But there have been times that I have had to face real consequences for jumping in impulsively, or speaking without thinking, or acting out of a desire for self fulfillment.  I am thankful he redeems those times when I refuse to check directions, but I am even more grateful that he is right there waiting for me to ask. 


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